The Dark Glare of the Mountains

Egle Myk

This July I found myself hiking in the Dolomites – one of the most spectacular mountain range in the world. Coming from New York, a city that never sleeps, these views have struck me with its (dis)quietude – a sense when the perennial silence of nature evokes a sort of anxiety. That’s how a photo series “The Dark Glare of the Mountains” was born.

I recently think a lot about solastalgia (a term by Glenn Albrecht) – a “form of psychic or existential distress caused by environmental change”. We are the “Generation Anthropocene”, a generation which continues to make a massive impact on the planetary and environmental change. When I look at the play of light and shadows on these mountains, I can’t help getting rid of this feeling described by Albrecht – a feeling of something that was lost forever, and a feeling of bearing the responsibility for it.
Egle Myk
_MG_5721 copyDolomites_EgleMykDolomites_EgleMykEgle Myk

Fabulous Las Vegas

Egle Mykolaityte

It’s 2 pm and I will be shortly landing to Las Vegas city. I look through the plane window and the first thing I see are little flat white boxes laid out in a tight stringent order stretching as far as the horizon.  Blocks and blocks of suburban neighborhoods in the desert.

Las Vegas

I walk through the main hall of Las Vegas airport. Little old bored ladies sit in front of the slot machines and tempt fortune.

Egle Mykolaityte

It’s daytime and the city sleeps. It will wake up at night with all its furor and craze.

Egle Mykolaityte

But now it’s so silent. I walk to my hostel, a little bit further from the Strip. It feels like daydreaming.

Urban Drifters

I find my hostel in a street packed with wedding chapels, strip clubs and some other obscure institutions.

Urban Drifters

Elvis is winking me from every corner.


On my way to the hostel I pass some vagrants with empty eyes and some young drifters who all came to this city once with big dreams.


Hello, night – cunningly whispers the city. At some point suddenly everything transforms into a huge glowing void of mad revel. The smell of banknotes steams from the casinos, old grumpy ladies distribute colorful strip club booklets and sex call phone numbers.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas. A city of replicas and lost souls.

The Poetics of Space

Landscape is a poem to existence.

63560002 (1)

I took these pictures on my road trip to California.  Every landscape here speaks to me with the voice I already heard somewhere – books, movies about road trips in US.

Egle Myk

The landscapes, therefore, are extensions of my existence, they are so closely bound to me. Landscapes, the spaces I take pictures of, are a part of my imagination. Their emptiness, vastness, greatness.

Egle Myk

Our imaginations are preoccupied with others’ imaginations, with imaginations inherited from culture and especially films. So when I take a picture in US, I take it because it reminds me something I already saw somewhere. It is like a constant Déjà vu. This scares me because it makes me question which part of my pictures are unique. Am I inspired only because the sort of imagery was injected in me before? 

Egle Myk

There is a growing tension and sense that everything we do is not unique, that it is preoccupied and determined by politics or Hollywood or whatever.

I just remembered that naive Kleon’s book “Steal like an artist”. Why it is only nowadays everyone craves such books if art was recycled ever since? Is this mentality also a part of the neoliberal, “commons”, creative culture?


I am a great admirer of Wim Wenders and his poetics of space. Thus, for me a landscape is a character itself, it hints a story, and a viewer is the one to reveal it.

Egle Myk

The landscapes are riddles to be solved.

Zabriskie Point

Zabriskie Point

The imprint of time, abiding proof that history existed long before me. The dry ancient heat. Bones. The Silence. My cry rebounds to this huge chalky nothingness. Like standing in a big white surreal room.






urban drifters

Oh I will love writing about this. Because this is about all the craziness I experience here, all the faces that stay stuck in my mind for lifetime.

In other words, it’s all about the essence of this city that can’t stop to amaze me.

urban drifters Egle Myk

It’s all about superheroes, witches, Mephistopheles and cherubs, marginals and princesses, gangsters, pranksters, tricksters…

urban drifters Egle Myk

I am dazed and charmed of the people I see everyday. Especially in subways! I so much love the subways of New York!

urban drifters Egle Myk

Freedom, complete freedom. And the creativity and bravery in the pale crowd is something what.. makes me alive.

urban drifters egle myk



I adore this area in Brooklyn, stretched between the Williamsburg and BedStuy. There is a huge Hasidic jews population here. The deeper I go the harder it becomes to figure out whether this is still New York or some other placeless place. neighborhood seems so unique to me that every time I get here I feel so touched. Maybe because this area exemplifies how a community may be able to retain all its individual character in the middle of this sizzling global metropolis.

urban drifters

The rough patterns of the Williamsburg bridge shadows.

urban drifters

I’m practicing my magical powers to turn myself invisible when walking in such areas and neighborhoods. I just want so much to become a part of it for a moment, to grasp what it is everyone is breathing with here.