The Dark Glare of the Mountains

Egle Myk

This July I found myself hiking in the Dolomites – one of the most spectacular mountain range in the world. Coming from New York, a city that never sleeps, these views have struck me with its (dis)quietude – a sense when the perennial silence of nature evokes a sort of anxiety. That’s how a photo […]

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Fabulous Las Vegas

Egle Mykolaityte

It’s 2 pm and I will be shortly landing to Las Vegas city. I look through the plane window and the first thing I see are little flat white boxes laid out in a tight stringent order stretching as far as the horizon.  Blocks and blocks of suburban neighborhoods in the desert. I walk through […]

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The Poetics of Space

Landscape is a poem to existence. I took these pictures on my road trip to California.  Every landscape here speaks to me with the voice I already heard somewhere – books, movies about road trips in US. The landscapes, therefore, are extensions of my existence, they are so closely bound to me. Landscapes, the spaces I […]

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urban drifters

Oh I will love writing about this. Because this is about all the craziness I experience here, all the faces that stay stuck in my mind for lifetime. In other words, it’s all about the essence of this city that can’t stop to amaze me. It’s all about superheroes, witches, Mephistopheles and cherubs, marginals and […]

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The eternal Bali bliss

Bali – the island so long dreamt of, island of inner peace and eternal bliss. I finally put my feet on your land, after an 18-hour trip. Waves of heat and the smell never experienced before – I realize it’s my first time in Asia. It’s around midnight, and we step into the urban jungle […]

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Chill at Gili Air


Gili Air is the best place for chilling on this earth. You can get to Gili islands directly from Bali. Just take a boat. Gili Air is not as touristic as other Gili archipelago islands and its population is only 1,800 people! You can go around the whole island in an hour and a half. […]

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