urban drifters

Oh I will love writing about this. Because this is about all the craziness I experience here, all the faces that stay stuck in my mind for lifetime. In other words, it’s all about the essence of this city that can’t stop to amaze me. It’s all about superheroes, witches, Mephistopheles and cherubs, marginals and […]

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I adore this area in Brooklyn, stretched between the Williamsburg and BedStuy. There is a huge Hasidic jews population here. The deeper I go the harder it becomes to figure out whether this is still New York or some other placeless place. This neighborhood seems so unique to me that every time I get here […]

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Deep Breath

Urban Drifters

On Sundays Washington Square Park is boiling with music, laughter, picnics, street artists, performers and puppeteers. May you feel depressed or lonely on a hot Sunday afternoon, go there! Once you step into this park with a grand piano just under the arch you end up like in some sort of pink smoke or lucid […]

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