The Poetics of Space

Landscape is a poem to existence.

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I took these pictures on my road trip to California.  Every landscape here speaks to me with the voice I already heard somewhere – books, movies about road trips in US.

Egle Myk

The landscapes, therefore, are extensions of my existence, they are so closely bound to me. Landscapes, the spaces I take pictures of, are a part of my imagination. Their emptiness, vastness, greatness.

Egle Myk

Our imaginations are preoccupied with others’ imaginations, with imaginations inherited from culture and especially films. So when I take a picture in US, I take it because it reminds me something I already saw somewhere. It is like a constant Déjà vu. This scares me because it makes me question which part of my pictures are unique. Am I inspired only because the sort of imagery was injected in me before? 

Egle Myk

There is a growing tension and sense that everything we do is not unique, that it is preoccupied and determined by politics or Hollywood or whatever.

I just remembered that naive Kleon’s book “Steal like an artist”. Why it is only nowadays everyone craves such books if art was recycled ever since? Is this mentality also a part of the neoliberal, “commons”, creative culture?


I am a great admirer of Wim Wenders and his poetics of space. Thus, for me a landscape is a character itself, it hints a story, and a viewer is the one to reveal it.

Egle Myk

The landscapes are riddles to be solved.

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