The Dark Glare of the Mountains

Egle Myk

This July I found myself hiking in the Dolomites – one of the most spectacular mountain range in the world. Coming from New York, a city that never sleeps, these views have struck me with its (dis)quietude – a sense when the perennial silence of nature evokes a sort of anxiety. That’s how a photo series “The Dark Glare of the Mountains” was born.

I recently think a lot about solastalgia (a term by Glenn Albrecht) – a “form of psychic or existential distress caused by environmental change”. We are the “Generation Anthropocene”, a generation which continues to make a massive impact on the planetary and environmental change. When I look at the play of light and shadows on these mountains, I can’t help getting rid of this feeling described by Albrecht – a feeling of something that was lost forever, and a feeling of bearing the responsibility for it.
Egle Myk
_MG_5721 copyDolomites_EgleMykDolomites_EgleMykEgle Myk

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